I have a dream!

My name is Pim. I am converting rice fields to more productive soursop farms/forests.

The plan

I have devised my own funding instrument and it is called crowdleasing of a soursop tree! In practisce it means that I sell my harvest profits after all costs and taxes from years 2018 and 2019 from the trees which were planted 1.1.2015. In option the lessee may have some ROI from year 2017 too I don’t know yet if harvest is possible then. I don¨t promise anything but if it is possible I share something from it as well.

How you can lease one tree of graviola farm? How can you do something good instead of investing your money in some not so sustainable business? You can lease (hire) a tree for five years from the date of planting which I decide when the conditions are right. You will have its serial number, GPS coordinates and reports at least twice a year. You will have 100% of its harvest profits from years four and five. I will have the harvest profits from year six onwards. The first harvesting will be in year four, it may give 15 kilos of air dried leaves maximum (the main product) at least with chemical fertilizers but I try to keep it organic. You will get the possible profits from years four and five (option: year 3). I take care of your tree from year six and cover my education after six years in elementary school.

Now you may think why you cannot own the tree forever. If you plant a tree in North-East Thailand it won’t be happy tree if nobody is taking care of it. So, you will want someone to do her best to take care of your tree or in this case the tree you hire. Who would have the best motivation for doing this than the owner who gets the harvest from the sixth year ? I will do my best to keep it alive and happy. I will do my best to make it produce some harvest for you and me.

My dream is to start with about a 7 rai farm. One rai is 1600 square metres. It is possible to plant 100 trees to a rai. I have land already in North-East Thailand. But I can afford only making rice as most of locals do. And rubber trees we don’t need more in Thailand. So soursop is something new and risky but offering better return of investment than rice or rubber trees or eucalyptus.

Soursop packed in 300 leaves bags ~120g

Soursop packed in 300 leaves bags ~120g

Read more and later I will tell you how you can invest money or maybe lose your money by planting a rain-tree. It is a bit of a boring calculation so I have put it on the bottom of this page (in FAQ). The main product  is the leaves which are used for making very tasty tea which looks like tea.

Tea must be taken one mug (2 dl) three times a day for 30 days and then a 10 day pause mainly to let the kidneys relax. The leaves are the most popular product of soursop tree (graviola tree). Today the fruit is very popular for smoothies in South-East Asia, there are also teabags and capsules (mainly from America) on the market as well. I have no plans for capsules as their will not pass FDA. Annonacines are also neurotoxins. Spray dried leaf extract powder is ten times stronger than the leaves and tea. Tea is much stronger than soursop fruit but considered safe after 20 minutes boiling and in decent amounts. Nobody eats paracetamol ten times more than an effective dose. Must always remember that every substances in the world has their toxin dose and lethal dose, even water.

I will report to you about your hired tree as soon as possible (minimum twice a year) with photos, videos, writing etc. by using this website and maybe social media. I will report everything openly. I will report only “anonymous: 4 trees” on my online tree log. Lease a tree.


How can I make some money for myself?

Here is one calculation:

You pay for your five year tree hire a one off payment of 75 USD. The full harvest from years four and five is 30 kilos of air dried leaves (plus fruits and other parts of the tree). In this calculation we have only the leaves. One bag has 100 grams.

A theoretical harvest is 200 bags / tree. 50 bags of the leaves are too small, yellow, brown etc. which are not acceptable for the leaf market. They could be used for making capsules after sanitizing and powdering process. The leaves don’t need to be microbe free as they are cooked 20 minutes in boiling water before using. The capsules must be almost sterile because the users may have low immunity. We (You and I) are not the manufacturers of them so we sell this part of the harvest for the capsule industry or make lower grade tea of it.

This long story above is only to make you understand where all the losses may occur. Let’s just use 200 bags for the calculation. Today one bag has a retail price of 500 baht. You are not a retailer. You are not a wholesaler. You are a producer so we are talking about a producer price which may be 100 baht / bag. We cannot know what it will be in four or five years. Maybe graviola is made illegal by law. We cannot know. This is only a calculation, not a promise! Anyway: 200 bags x 100 baht = 20.000 baht. Your investment may return to you 20.000 baht (470 euro, 635 USD).

This is a calculation. I don’t promise that you will get anything back. Maybe you lose 100% of your investment. Maybe I ship only 10 kilos of leafs to your home address. But you have at least tried and I have at least tried. The only promise that I can give to you is that you will have your hired tree from a pot to Thailand soil with its serial number and GPS coordinates and Google maps link. I will do my best to keep it alive and happy. I will do my best to make it produce some harvest for you and later for my daughter and I.

What are your payment methods?

The easiest way to pay your trees is Paypal (bank transfer to your paypal account or just use our credit card, recommended). If you want, you can pay your trees by bank transfer. In European Union it should be free of charge for you. Just select EU bank transfer. Actually it is a bank transfer to Finnish bank account where it will be transferred to me in Thailand with lower costs than if you pay from Europe to my Bangkok Bank account.

You can also pay trees to my Bangkok Bank account but I have to make invoice to you manually. You must pay your own bank costs and 5 euro extra for my bank costs and then select to pay only your costs in your internet banking. The bank transfer is the only way to pay more than 10 trees.

You will get invoice from me to your e-mail and after receiving your payment I will add the leasing information to your profile. It is private.

I need your e-mail address for returning your investments or maybe your shipping address if you choose to take only packed leaves. It is your choise. They belong to you. Make sure that your e-mail and shipping address are valid and up to date in your profile.

What are the benefits of this project?

The benefits:

  1. Ex-rice farmer has some money from his/her land and a good retirement.
  2. Contribution to the improvement of the environment.
  3. Graviola tea consumers get their graviola leaves.
  4. Local villagers get their healthy fruits (if we have any fruits)
  5. Local villagers get some work.
  6. The soil gets different kind of mineral load when changing from rice to soursop.
  7. I have some work to do.
  8. My daughter has some work to do.
  9. The investors get their profits (= money or even leaves) and if they have a soul maybe good vibes too.
  10. (Add your benefit here. I don’t even know all of them yet.)

Where I can get more info about soursop?

The tree Soursop is the English name of Graviola, Annona Muricata, known for its health benefits which is different story. The Internet is full of disinformation and scientific facts about this. One recommended source of information would be www.rain-tree.com/graviola.htm and especially the pdf -files on the left side menu on that page.

Who gets information of me or my leases?

Nobody else can see how many trees you have and where they are and when they will expire and how much harvest they make. Only if you select (opt-in) to give me a permission to publish your name, city and country and number of trees on my website horisontal scrolling bar your name will appear there. To get your name published you need to select a certain radio button from your profile. You can also ask me to add your company name or organization name or team name or artist name or band name there if you want. Just send me an e-mail.

Otherwise by default it will stay anonymous. You don’t need to report your car lease, summer cottage lease or tree lease to anyone if you don’t want. Only the possible return of investments you of course report to your governement tax authorithies by yourself. More information of your privacy from our privacy policy.

How can I contact you?

You can allways contact me at: info [ a ] soursopfarmthailand.org or just call me +66827176768 or use LINE on your smart phone.


I am reaching my target to make 700 trees farm. The bars below show the tree leases sold and percent and the plantings. Rental period starts 1.1.2015 and is five years. I will close the selling 31.12.2015 or earlier if I reach my target before the end of this year. Most of the trees have been planted already.

Tree leases sold

311 leased trees = 44.4%

Trees planted

500 planted trees = 71.4%